A range of standard and non-standard treatments using various dye colours, plus post-treatment sealing.

Electroless Nickel

Chemical plating process providing a consistent finish even on irregularly shaped or hard-to-access component surfaces.

Chromate conversion
An anti-corrosion process with low dimensional impact. We also offer stainless steel passivation.

Selective processing
Exceptionally precise masking, allowing a variety of coatings to be applied to different areas of a component.


Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Zinc & passivation (clear, yellow & black)

 Heat Treating
A whole rage of heat-treatment processes can be offered to include the standard atmosphere process like Carborise and Hardening to Annealing and Normalising.

We can also offer Chemical Blacking, Tufftriding and Stress relieving along with many other processes – please call for details.
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